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Missing things

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


I should be blogging about all the beautiful stuff I saw, all the wonders in the world in Amsterdam, the art expo’s, the get-togethers, the fun new initiatives. 

I could go on for hours. 

The problem is I didn’t go anywhere. I wanted to, but time was limited in November and I have some Loved Ones at Numero Uno on my list. 

So – I missed the opening of the pop art expo at  Galerie Fleur and Wouter. What a shame. A great opportunity to meet Marijke Helwegen and I didn’t.

Then there was Come & Meet the Icons, a solo exhibition by Tadej @popartbytadej during the ADE weekend in Amsterdam. It was about music and DJ’s, ravers and artlovers, and I think there was a lottalotta music and I did not go! But do not forget I am in my 50’s and it could have been a little awkward to have been dancing around. 

Number 3: Opening of the expo Curiosity killed the Cat by Sasa Ostoja @sasa_ostoja in De Bouwput, building great visual colourful worlds. I didn’t go. 

The good thing is that instead of visiting these openings, I had the chance to spend a week in the south of France, and also meet more with my friends – fantastic warm & wise women.  

And then of course there is family too. 

I was missing things, but not the real important things. In the spirit of December I guess that is what Life is  all about.  

Have a great happy month, and see you again in January. 

Love, x Donna

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