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Updated: Feb 4, 2021


The year 2020 is still new and fresh, and it occurs to me how full of energy NEW always seems to be. 

Already I have been meeting new artists and discussing their new expo’s for I am very happy to see that together with these amazing artists, is growing fast as a wonderful platform. 

It’s a new kind of gallery where you don’t have to enter a big, silent room, and immediately think about what you look like with the Amsterdam rain on your hair. Nothing like that, this art window is a chance for everybody to walk by, see new expo’s every month and experience something that makes you wonder. 

Last week we held a flash opening for the expo of Frederick Calmes, and it was exciting to meet kind, new people who all have a big warm heart when it comes to art. 

So, don’t forget to drop by the art window once in a while and find what something NEW can do for you. 

See you again soon. 

Love, x Donna

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