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3 important questions by Benjamin Nyari

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

What is your earliest memory of painting and When did you start to

create art?

I grew up in an artist family, as my father is and my grandmother was also a painter. I was

involved in art before I could write down my own name and could see my dad working on large paintings with different techniques every day, so it was very natural for me that art is part of my life.

It was motivating and I found it very impressive that you can create something with your own hands freely and people find it amazing and unique.

How would you describe your art creation experience?

The paintings show my inner self and my feelings: my doubts, my anger, my happiness, or

something that took my attention on the day when I paint. They are not the result of any

conscious effort or procedure they are a result of something that happened around me and I want to show it to the word.

What does art make you feel and what is your overall favourite aspect of the creative process?

Freedom and happiness. When I see an art work I feel the hunger to go back to my studio and work. I have several steps while I am making a piece and honestly, I love each of it but if I need to pick one its maybe the beginning or the finish when god knows why but I decide its done and no more touches.

come say hello at @Benjamin_nyari

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