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3 important questions by Roberto Voorbij

How did you come up with the idea for the Artist Portraits series, and how do you determine the selection?

The series started when a friend of mine, Alexander Tempel from ARTISTS NOT ARMIES, asked me to design original content for his Facebook. I wanted the works to have art as a possible subject, and I probably unconsciously let myself be inspired by John Stezaker. From the first portrait I knew it was going to be a series. Experience has shown that a certain amount of abstraction and patterns in the face can work, but there is no formula for it.

What do the works mean to you? What do they stand for?

The works deal with representation and identity, the artist as a work of art, art as representation of the maker, the group identity. But the works also seem to represent a certain religiosity. As a kind of animism the question arises whether a work of art itself can become inspired, how the maker resonates and transforms into the creation he or she leaves behind.

What characterises your work?

I am not tied to a medium, and my interests and themes often shift. Different work at the different stages of my life. Although religion seems to be a recurring theme in the last years. Probably inspired by a Catholic upbringing. But you should ask me again in 10 years time if this is the case. 

Come say hello at @robertovoorbij

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