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3 important questions by studio teppo

How did you start as an artist?

I am not sure if I am an artist, but I do know that I have always been occupied with imagery and graphic matters. I remember tags and slogans that I saw on the walls of my hometown Hengelo in my youth. "Doe Maar 83" under the bridge on my way to school and "VAV" with the bar of the 'A' running through both 'V's, "Kut en Lul is lekker spul" in the wooden playhouse behind the football field where I played. I drew the band logos I saw on record sleeves, tried graffiti and knew exactly which graphic belonged to which skateboarder. After high school I went to the Art Academy to become a graphic designer. I still am, but since I started Studio Teppo in 2017, I combine my graphic work with making fine arts.

At that moment I thought; if you ever want to do more with your autonomous work than filling sketchbooks, now is the time!

Can you tell us more about the style of Studio Teppo?

I work in different styles and with different media. I use ink, oil pastel and markers, but also make digital drawings and prints. It's all about the fun of creating and figuring out what works best for me. Apart from that, I work on commissions as a graphic designer and illustrator.

My art is always very direct, without a predetermined goal. Yet it often turns out to be about current themes or personal stuff. Most of it is light and positive.

What did you create for this exhibition?

This festive December month will be different from previous years. This is of course due to Covid-19 and social distancing. Many people are looking for a new form of commitment. My exhibition consists of a number of small paintings reaching out to each other and forming a large piece together.The drawing extends over the boundaries of the canvases to the other parts of the painting, not being held by their frames. When you hang one part of the painting on your wall, you are connected to someone who owns another part of it.

Come say hello at @studioteppo

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