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3 important questions by Vika Haas

What technique do you use while creating your paintings?

I love to paint on glass because this technique allows creating multilayer images - some colors and elements are under the glass and others are above it. These intersections of layers make paintings deeper and brighter. Love this effect!

Pomegranates and trees are your main heroes. Why so?

I adore trees and pomegranates, I find them deeply symbolic. The tree for me is all about cause and effect, interconnections and aspirations. The pomegranate is used in many countries as a symbol of life and fertility. Through a combination of these symbols I reveal topics of inner growth and willingness to find your place in a world.

What are your plans for the next year?

I've never participated in collaborations and I dream about creating a painting in collaboration with other artists.

come say hello @haas.vika

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