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3 important questions by WHY - Yvette heeren

How and when did this all start?

The Corona crisis did not only bring bad things but also some good.

I just graduated from the St. Joost School of Art & Design. My specialization is illustration and animation. I unexpectedly worked a lot of hours in my atelier. In one year time I created my own world: Planet Why.

This first series of art works are inspired by my perception of the universe: a place full of organic, winding, abstract shapes, lively colours and reflecting surfaces. I love colour, shine and bling. It may shine!

What kind of materials are used?

In order to let the paper glare I work with various leaf metals, like Gold Leaf.

I didn’t have any experience with this material, but after many experiments I have developed my own technique.

I use the adhesive (also my own recipe) like paint and apply it on paper with a small brush.

This creates a kind of invisible paint, on which I apply pieces of leaf metal.

The loose pieces that lay against each other create one surface.

After doing that, I start brushing and the shape appears (everywhere I applied adhesive to the paper, the leaf metal will stick).

At first the surface is still rather uneven, but I continue brushing until it almost looks like a mirror.

In this way, the reflecting effect is at it's most and it gives a beautiful contrast with the rough and mat chalk paint.

What is your way of working?

Prior to the painting process, I make drafts in my sketch book.

I can’t create on command, I really need to work in a flow. It is ideal to work and live in the same place. When I get inspiration, I jump out of bed and get straight behind my work table.

My pencil flows instinctively on the paper, because I practically already have the shape in my fingers, it just needs to get on paper.

Come say hello at @why_yvetteheeren

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