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3 important questions by Irie Wata

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

September 2020

Who are you and what kind of art do you make?

I am Irie Wata and I make digital collage art. My works often show optical illusions that give people a new perspective, as well as an escape of reality. You will see a lot of clashes in time and space in my art!

How do you make your art?

I use Photoshop to cut existing photography into different layers, and paste them together to create new realities and worlds. Lately I like to turn landscapes upside down and add people/vehicles in the landscape to give the whole picture another meaning. 

What is your favorite element to use in your collages?

That must be the moon! I have always been fascinated by this celestial body and even though I don't make a lot of galaxy-art anymore, the moon is always something that I often still "need" in a work. 

Come say hello at @irie.wata

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